accept your flaws, your mistakes, and your past. you’re untouchable this way.

if someone asks you to guess their age - always guess 5-10 years younger than you actually believe

skipping a whole semester of school because someone broke your heart won’t fix anything

find time to spend with your parents, they won’t be around forever and they deserve to feel appreciated

there is nothing beautiful about swallowing a bottle of pills. there is nothing beautiful about your mom finding you on your bathroom floor. there is nothing beautiful about having your stomach pumped. suicide isn’t beautiful

that bowl of ice cream will not make you gain five pounds

gaining five pounds will not ruin your life

never ever go to bed mad at someone that you care about - people die in their sleep all the fucking time

let your grandmother leave lipstick marks on your cheek, smile and tell her it’s okay and kiss her back

opening your wrists isn’t going to help you, not now, not ever.

it’s okay to collapse to your knees, it’s to cry but you need to pick yourself back up

go for a drive at 2:00 am and scream at the top of your lungs, sing that song that makes you think of them, scream it for the whole world to hear, it helps

people will leave, it’s inevitable, but there really is at least one person that’ll never leave your side

until you are happy with yourself you will never be able to be completely happy with another person

never ever EVER beg someone to stay, if they want to leave, hold the door for them

bubble baths and real friends (the band) will make everything okay, even if it’s just a little

don’t be afraid to cut people out, don’t be afraid to let people go, your happiness comes first

if all else fails, put your phone on airplane mode, put on a feel good playlist, lay on the floor (cry if you have to) and just fucking breathe

you’re going to be okay

19 things I learned in the past year (via fortiituude)

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stress less because it’s not worth it


stress less because it’s not worth it

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This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Needed this today

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You are above and beyond anything negative that could come your way. Focus on the positive!